You think you’re “tough enough” for the 1 day Spend Fast?? #pinchthosepennies

empty wallet

Have you ever left the house without  your wallet and ever freaked because you weren’t sure how you were going tot survive for the wallet-less period? Were you suprised to discover that you actually survived??

Here’s the challenge: I DARE you to leave your wallet( that means credit cards and EVERYTHING) at home for 12 hours. That means that you bring only what you need with you on the road, like a prepared lunch, your phone, medic alert bracelet, epi-pens, etc. But NO money whatsoever.

What’s the purpose of this little challenge?

It’s designed to show you that you are more resourceful than you realize.

It’s designed to show you that the uiverse around you provides you with everything you truly NEED. WANT is a different energy. God set up the universe to repsond to our NEEDS.

How many times have you truly been in NEED of a specific amount of money, or in NEED of something to eat and all of sudden, out of “nowhere”, an opportunity materializes that allows you to acquire said amount of money or your job sudden;y decides to buy lunch for everyone that day. I’ve lost count in my own personal life.

The universe we live in responds to ACTION. Not “just” talk, But ACTION. Not “just”writing your goals out, but ACTION.

We act/move and the universe around us bends to a degree. The only consideration is how much resistance we encounter when we make our moves.

For you science minded folk, research has shown that low levels of anxiety actually improve cognitive function, as if God designed our anxiety to act as an battery to power our brain to create new ideas and solutions. WOW.

So today, leave the house with just the necessities (NOT your wallet) and your inborn, hidden treasure trove of resources and watch the MAGIC happen for you.





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