5 ways to move forward to Great America (For realz) #everyoneunite

I’ll start right off the bat by saying that I know I’ll probably get some not-so-agreeable comments on this post, but that’s fine so long as you read the whole damn post and think about what i’m about to say deeply.

So we have a new president, much to many peoples dismay (at home in the states and abroad). In my book, it is what it is and I’ve always trained myself to turn my emotions off and look at people and situations like a scientist trying to penetrate the deepest mysteries of the universe. There are gracious winners and not-so-gracious winners. There are gracious “losers” and not-so-gracious losers. I like facts, because facts give us the ability to look at the history of a person or thing and make reasonable determinations as to how that person or thing will respond to certain circumstances.

I’ve been blessed/cursed to with the ability to see both sides of any situation with equal clarity and zero favoritism ( It’s due to the fact that I was born with a yin-yang sign on my thumb. Ask the lady at the post office that ran my fingerprints for pre-employment, she’ll tell you…)


Here is what I’ve penetrated with my deductive powers as a bro-scientist:



  1. Both presidential candidates have done and said some things that have sent of emotional shock waves through the emotional fabric of America.
  2. Both candidates have painted an image of themselves in a certain way with their words and actions.
  3. Both candidates have expressed their plans to make a america safer and more prosperous.
  4. America is ready to prosper and thrive.

There’s more, but my brain only has so much penetrating power at one time.

Here’s how I look at every situation in which I find myself and find that actions needs to be taken:

  1. What is the situation right now?
  2. What is the desired situation I want to create?
  3. How close/far away am I from creating the ideal situation?
  4. What resources do I have available to me that I can use to create said situation?
  5. What is a reasonable time frame within which I can create/shift circumstances to the desired situation?

I’ve use these filters to make every major decision in my life and it has worked beautifully for me. I’m asking you to temporarily look at Donald Trump through these filters and make a decision as to whether you’ll give him a chance to do what he’s promised or let negative emotions build up inside you and make you sick and drain your energy.


Here’s what we as INDIVIDUALS can do to help make the country the beautifully complex and accepting melting pot that it once was:


  1. Realize that we are all in this TOGETHER. You may live your separate life and I mine, but at the end of the day, we affect each other by our very presence. If my aura radiates contempt and scorn for you because who you may have voted for and we have to work together, then the work environment is going to low-energy and draining to both of us. If Donald Trump can make America into an accepting and powerful nation as he wants to do, then WE ALL benefit. So let’s work together by looking at each other not through the lens of race and prejudice, but judge one another based on his/her deeds and actions. I judge everyone based on their energy; if our energies don’t mesh, then I can guarantee that our relationship won’t progress.
  2. Limit your intake of the news. Whether the mainstream media intends to do this or not, they are causing division between race and gender. People talk about World War 3 like it’s going to be some big nuclear dance, where our nukes dance toward their country and theirs toward our own. Stop and think about this for a moment: Every event has a starting point, no matter how small. Could not World War 3 be precipitated by the “unofficial” race war we are experiencing here in America. Here’s what we can do: SEE color. And appreciate the differences. The differences between our different cultures are the breeding ground for the creation of new and exciting things.
  3. Remember that God is alive and well and watching. It says in the Holy Bible that God chooses the president/heads of state. While the conspiracy theorist in me says that any could have written that bit in there to serve their own purposes, the human part of me has its own evidence to believe that God does exist (at least for me). Isn’t it fair to say that we’ve been led by many presidents, some who have led us to greater heights and some who have stalled our progress or worse, yet we are still here an we’re doing okay? Whatever comes in the next 4-8 years, this country will survive and thrive because we are some tough sums bitches!!!
  4. Look at the man himself – Although he has said some things that have sparked everyone into a tizzy, I ask you to look at him objectively through this lenses: forget for a moment that he is not president nor does he run a big corporation. When you look at him through that lens and just look at the energy he radiates, his personality, does he seem more down-to-earth to you now?
  5. Realize that change takes time. The bigger the changes, the more time they are going to take for us to experience the benefits. This is one of the fundamental laws of reality. We are just cogs in the universal machine, as are systems. When when cog is removed, then the machine slows down or stops, until a new cog can be put in it’s place. The cog then helps the machine run faster or slower. Obviously, the more time one spends fashioning the cog, the better it will support the overall function of the machine. Make sense? Every president comes into the oval office with the intention to insert/ remove cogs for the benefit of the greater good (hopefully).


Pleas keep these suggestions in mind as you plan the next four years of your life. Please remember that both parties have to work together to make America awesome, although in reality, there is only ONE party: The HUMAN party.


In what ways do YOU think we can help unite Americans? Share your comments and insights!


Peace and God Bless,





How to Spot undercover “Killer Clowns”#toomuchtimeontheirhands


So, i’m listening to some Red Hot Chili Peppers and I let my playlist keep playing and eventually i’m brough to a video called Top 15 Scariest Clown Sightings Videos. It’s more funny than scary, but at any rate, I decided to use my super-profiling powers to help you identify the everyday identities of these dumbasses.



This person could be sitting right across from you right now…


Here’s a list of characteristics that will help you identify them without their makeup and clown-horns:


  1. They are DEFINATELY 30 year old virgins (if you’re a virgin and 30 and NOT a clown, then this doesn’t apply to you.
  2. Their favorite game is “Call of Duty”, but they totally suck, which is WHY they lash out as killer virgin clowns.
  3. They live at home in their parents’ basement and they don’t pay rent, which is how they can afford chainsaws and big-ass clown boots.
  4.  They’re not wearing clown makeup; they’re just so pale from living in their parent’s basement that they look like they’re wearing make-up.
  5. In daily life, they have a high propensity to play pokemon go.
  6. Although they appear to be able to run fast, they are only able to run 2 miles and hour and that’s for a 1o second sprint. If you can run longer than 20 seconds, you can outrun them. If you can run for at least 1 minute, you can beat the @#$$ out of them.
  7. They come in two main forms: unemployed and creepy. The creepy type come out at night, while the unemployed clowns have the luxury of scaring unsuspecting people in the day time when they should be working.
  8. They get weak when they hear the word “relationship” or  ” girlfriend”. At this time they are susceptible to nut-bashings with your feet.
  9. To bring the hidden clowns in your life out of hiding, do the following: when you’re with a person you suspect of being a “killer” clown, invite them to watch a video (like the one I linked above) about clowns scaring people. If you notice that they squirm in ecstasy and cover their privates, then they are a clown. What you do next is up to YOU.
  10. Look for odd shaped objects poking out of their purses. It’s pretty hard to hide a clown stilletto in a pokemon go inspired back-pack, so this will be a dead giveaway.



That’s all I got right now, but i will share more of my profiling findings as they develop.

Be safe.

Amir Campbell

How AWESOME are the Red Hot Chili Peppers?!!?! #eternallyawesome #gorobot!

Image result for red hot chili peppers

Image courtesy of http://www.popmatters.com


If you’ve lived on this planet for any length of time, you must have heard the name Red Hot Chili Peppers. And the first thing that comes to your mind is of, course hot chili peppers, runny noses, sweaty faces with tongues panting like a dogs’ on a hot summers’ day. And you’d be wrong.

I’m referring to THE Red Hot Chili Peppers, the super band that has been delivering eargasms to the world at large for the last 33 freakin’ years!!! That’s insane! Most marriages don’t even last that long (unfortunately/fortunately, depending on the pairing..)

Be aware: I’m not the type of person actually buys CD’S ( who does anyway anymore?!?!) but the RHCP are oe beand that has actually compelled me to buy a physical CD.


In addition, be aware of the fact that I’m not a professional music reviewer person critic- dude, so everything I’m saying to you is my unbiased opinion and experiece with their musical creations. And I’m particularly impressed with their latest album, “The Getaway”. Every single song on this masterpiece is buzzworthy. I feel blessed when I’m driving to work at 4:00am and a song ( or ANY RHCP song) starts playing over the radio. It turns that long, dark, cold ride into a party in my 2004 chevy cavalier.

Is it just me or do they seem to get younger each and every year? I hope they live forever in good health so they can keep bringing their awesome jams to the world. They seem to have tapped into the fountain of youth and they’re keeping the location of said fountain secret. I’m cool with that so long as they keep sharing their passion for jamming with the rest of us.

May you become infected with their creativity and gravity altering sounds as I have:)





Do you know the “secret” laws that help you succeed in EVERYTHING you do? Learn more now. #33lawsofsuccess

Hey Friend,

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, this book is for you.

If you’re tired of wondering how successful people achieve greatness and you want know – and do – then this book is for you.

If you’re finally ready to make a name for yourself in the world, this is the book for you.

I’ll share a little bit about myself.

For years, I was like you: bouncing around from lame ass job to lame ass job, only to quit each job within 1-2 months. In some instances, I only lasted 7 days! I’ve had more jobs that cats have lives, more jobs than the seeds in a juicy strawberry.

And like you, I was had heard many people tell me that I had the potential to become anything I wanted. These were kind words, but at the end of the day, they were just words to me.

I’ve been in your shoes feeling lost, feeling hopeless, feeling depressed and sad. For about a period of a year and a half, I wandered through my own desert period. And boy, was it hot and dry!!

I remember laying on the couch at my moms’ house, watching television, and cursing my life for what I had become. I was so depressed that I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t even do that right!

As I lay in my spot on the couch, or locked myself in room for days on end, I began to question:

“Why the hell is my life like this?”

“Why can’t I find a good job?”

“Why can’t keep a job when I found one?”

“Why don’t I have a girlfriend?”

“why don’t I have a car?”

Things were looking so grim that I was CERTAIN that I was either gonna die on that couch or die in my room. At my mom’s house.

I had plenty of why’s running around my head, but not one HOW. Not once during that time on the couch or in my room, did I ask myself “ how the hell can I turn my life around and create it the way I want it?” But when I finally asked myself that simple question after 1 and a half years, that was my pivot point, that was the point at which everything began to turn around, the point where I decided to take my life in a new, bright direction.

I began to study the lives of outrageously successful people. I began to get my hands on every single book and audio tape that I could find on becoming successful. I started to develop pa hunger to be successful.  I found literally a dozen reasons to become a successful man.  I decided to get my ass up out of my room and off my couch and chisel this successful man inside of me out to conquer the world. In the process, I began to create a system of success.

Within six months, I started my first book, “Master Keys To Health And Vitality”. Months after that, I found a job that I could actually tolerate and I kept that job for 1 full year!  Each and everyday, my outlook got better and better to the point where the world literally became bright, even on the cloudiest day. I kept this job for a full year – until I got fired. One year to a slacker like me was literally like 20 years. However, I didn’t just apply for this job and then hop a bus to go for an interview. No –  I had to scrape together money to buy a greyhound bus ticket from Rochester, New York to go to 3 day training in Buffalo, New York!

I was determined to get my life on the track that I wanted it to be on, so I scraped that money together: I found change wherever I could find it. I begged, I borrowed, I did odd jobs, but I got the money for that bus ticket AND money for a hotel room!! I was pumped.

When I got to Buffalo, during the interview process, the topic of how I got there somehow came up in conversation and when my soon to be boss discovered that I had taken a greyhound bus to be there…

His Jaw Dropped!!!!

He was impressed. I’ll be honest: I felt my ego inflate by at least 30 feet. I even smirked and pulled an “aww shucks”. Needless to say, I got the job after that.

That was my first realization as to the power of clear thinking and how it could make my life better. It was also a nudge to me showing me that I was on to something BIG.

Jump forward to today: I’m now a father, I own a modest home, I’m married to an amazing woman, I have a beautiful baby boy, I’m extremely happy 99% of the time,  I’m a self published author of 3 books (with more titles on the way) AND I own a SUCCESSFUL personal training studio. I have nearly boundless energy. I have 2 cars. Money flows to me seemingly from nowhere. People are amazed at the hours of work I put in). I have more GOOD friends than I can count.  And you wanna know the amazing thing about it all?

I Accomplished All Of This In a little under 5 years.

And I’m JUST getting started.

By now, you’re most likely wondering how I accomplished all of this. Well, here’s how: over the course of those 5 years, I began to develop a set of steps that ANYONE can use to take themselves from where they are now to ANYWHERE you want to be.

In my new 65 page book, “The Success Code: the 33 laws of success”, I distill every single one of the tools and techniques that I’ve applied and CONTINUE to apply to achieve massive success and build the life of my dreams, and you can use these techniques too. In this one-of-a-kind book, you’ll learn:

  • How life REALLY works and how to make it your bitch!

  • How to increase your income by 50% or more in 30 days!

  • How to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed about with relative ease!

  • How to use the 33 laws of success to slay your competition and leave them choking in your dust, with their finger up their noses, wondering what the hell just happened.

  • How to easily attract the life of your dreams With my own Magnetic Future Energizer Technique ™

  • A simple technique to control your mind that could be worth MILLIONS to you!!

  • How to Double, Triple, and even QUADRUPLE your brainpower and increase your income dramatically!

  • The #1 Mistake most people make on the road to riches… and how you can avoid it!!

  • My OWN Morning Sucess ritual and How I use it to keep myself BRIMMING with vitality.

You’ll learn all this and you’ll get access the “super secret” Bonus Law that highly successful people are using everyday to increase their wealth exponentially!!

This book cost me literally thousands of dollars to distill and create. However, because I truly I want to help people like yourself, because I was there where you are right now, I’m offering my 33 laws of success for the low investment of 9.99. This book is easily worth 10 times more than that, but I want it to be in reach of all you that are ready to make massive changes in your life.

If you’re in a space where you’re content with your daily life circumstances, then DON’T BUY THIS BOOK. BUT: do you really want to be content….or do you want the power to literally CREATE the most amazing experiences you can only dream about?

Wait.. there’s more: I am so supremely confident that when you implement the powerful codes in this book that you’ll achieve more success than you have in the next 6 months than you have in the last year, that i’m offering you a 6 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Yes, you read that right: If you’re not satisfied and you don’t feel that you’re getting closer and closer to materializng your dreams, I’ll give you your money back. So this means that you have 6 MONTHS to use this system and experience the benefits! That’s like getting a 6 month trial membership for FREE!!

If you’re truly ready to take your life from 0 to 120, grab your copy of “The Success Code” right now.If you’re ready to invest in your success, visit http://www.achieveyoursuccesses.com right now and learn how to do that.


Amir Campbell

How to Get the most from Intermittent Fasting #resetforgainz

If you’ve been living on the moon for the 5 years or so, let me give you a short primer on intermittent fasting:

Basically, you fast for as long as comfortably possible and then you fit all of your calories into a set block of time. The minimum time you have to go with eating is 12 hours. This sis considered a physiologically fasted state. If you’ve ever had your blood sugar levels checked by your doctor, then you know what I’m talking about. There are many variations on the theme and my personal favorite is the 16:8 variation, in which you fast for 16 hours and get all of your calories in the remaining 8 hour period of your day.

Intermittent fasting is all the rage right now, and with good reason: when done properly, you’ll experience the following benefits and more:

1. Your cells use insulin better, which means that you store less fat.

2. You help your bodies’ enzyme pool refill itself, which means less indigestion and better nutrient absorption.

3. You experience more energy and endurance.

4. Your body pumps out more fat burning hormones.

The list goes on,  but let’s answer the question that been hanging in the air since you got here:

“How can I get the most from my intermittent fasting?”
Here are a few techniques that I use:

1. Focus on light cardio activities like walking and stretching during your fasting period.

2. Focus on mental work, like writing or reading. Because you don’t have any food in your stomach, your body won’t push blood down into your stomach and rob your brain of energy. You’ll have clear thinking and focus to get those mental task done.

3. Shut your eyes periodically. When we close our eyes, our brain begins to cycle down and relax, putting us into a state of rejuvenation. Whenever you can, shut your eyes for a bit and you’ll help your body in its job of healing you and helping you burn fat.

These tips help me and they’ll help you make those lean gains you’re craving.. Tee hee hee


Amir Campbell


You think you’re “tough enough” for the 1 day Spend Fast?? #pinchthosepennies

empty wallet

Have you ever left the house without  your wallet and ever freaked because you weren’t sure how you were going tot survive for the wallet-less period? Were you suprised to discover that you actually survived??

Here’s the challenge: I DARE you to leave your wallet( that means credit cards and EVERYTHING) at home for 12 hours. That means that you bring only what you need with you on the road, like a prepared lunch, your phone, medic alert bracelet, epi-pens, etc. But NO money whatsoever.

What’s the purpose of this little challenge?

It’s designed to show you that you are more resourceful than you realize.

It’s designed to show you that the uiverse around you provides you with everything you truly NEED. WANT is a different energy. God set up the universe to repsond to our NEEDS.

How many times have you truly been in NEED of a specific amount of money, or in NEED of something to eat and all of sudden, out of “nowhere”, an opportunity materializes that allows you to acquire said amount of money or your job sudden;y decides to buy lunch for everyone that day. I’ve lost count in my own personal life.

The universe we live in responds to ACTION. Not “just” talk, But ACTION. Not “just”writing your goals out, but ACTION.

We act/move and the universe around us bends to a degree. The only consideration is how much resistance we encounter when we make our moves.

For you science minded folk, research has shown that low levels of anxiety actually improve cognitive function, as if God designed our anxiety to act as an battery to power our brain to create new ideas and solutions. WOW.

So today, leave the house with just the necessities (NOT your wallet) and your inborn, hidden treasure trove of resources and watch the MAGIC happen for you.





PS! if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel yet and taken advantage of the peak performance materials there, take a moment to do that now by following the link below:


Stay positive by being grateful and destroying your negative space anchors!! #crushyourlimitations




Being grateful is a beautiful part of our human experience. Gratitude raises our energy levels and helps us to attract the things we want into our life easier. It offers us protection from negative thoughts and energy.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to think negative thoughts or experience negative feelings in specific physical environments?

Or have you noticed the opposite, where you feel really good in specific locations?

You can look at the phenomenon from 2 perspectives:

  1. from a energetic standpoint.
  2. from a psychological, stimulus-response perspective.

In my opinion, the world is made up of energy and when you make changes on the emotional (emotion is energy in motion!) level, you can create phsyical changes.

Viewing circumstances with the “energetic cap” gives us a little bit more freedom than does using the “stim-res” cap.

Whichever cap you choose to put on , the fact remains that we can have negative or positive mental and emotional reactions to being in certain locations.

For instance, I used to work for a major supplement retailer and everytime I would walk through the door, my state would instantly shift to a negative, boring, unexciting state ( until I learned the technique I’m going to share with you in bit). That state would compound as I stood at the register, logging in with my username and password. Part of the cause for the negative state activation was the fact that it wasn’t a job that was in line with my Higher Values; I was just working it because I “needed” a job. I hadn’t yet learned to go from living in scarcity and at effect to living in a mode of creating value and abundance.

Of course, you may have some debilitating Negative Anchors, as i’m sure we all do. I used to have a debiltating fear of heights and rolelr coasters until I collapsed the negative anchors inside me so that now I can actually go on a scary roller coaster and actually enjoy it. You’ll learn how to do that in a few moments

Obviously, Positive Emotional Space Anchors (PESA’S)(tm) are highly desirable. It’s also clear the Negative Emotional Space Anchors (NESA’S) are bad and could also be costing you money. LOTS of money.

The intention behind this process is to completely destroy those negative emotion activations and replace them with either a neutral state or an extremely excited, positive, hopeful state.

Here is the EXACT process I used to actually enjoy really scary roller coasters and obtain a neutral state when  in a “high off the ground” context:


  1. From a relaxed state of mind with your eyes closed ( not in the acutal context), determine the exact context that you want to feel really good and amazing in.
  2. Remember a time when you felt really amazing and powerful. Step into that memory and relive it from your perspective, what you saw, heard, felt, smelled, etc.This state of re-vivification must be so complete so associated that you actually begin to smile i.e., your physiology begins to change.
  3. When that feeling reaches its peak, touch your heart with your right hand. If that feeling feels so good that you want to loop over and over in your mind for a little while longer, then go for it.
  4. Now, mentally quickly make a list of 5 things that bring ou grate joy in youir life.
  5. Now that you’ve anchored those feelings, give yourself the positive suggestion that:

“I will feel totally amazing and awesome when I’m (in specific context). I’m going to recall all those positive feelings when I’m in that context by touching my heart”.

5. Snap yourself out of your relaxed state and bring yourself up to an alert state by counting from 1 to 5, open your eyes, stand up and jump up and down on the balls of your feet.

6. Once you in you’re waking state, practice firing off that positive emotion anchor right where you’re standing. If the anchor doesn’t fire, then go back to step 1 and start over again. There’s nothign to lsoe by re=experiencing a super positive state over and over again, is there?

7. When you’re in the negative anchor space, activate your positive feelings anchor. If that space elicits so many negative feelings from that you literally can’t stand to be there, activate your positive energy anchors BEFORE you enter the context.

8. Repeat this Positive Anchor Creation process as often as you need it, until you can access a neutral/indfifferent state or an extremely positive state.

9. If when you go to activate your PEA in the negative anchor space and you’re still experiencing the negative emotions, then go back to step one and anchor even more positive emotions until you feel that you ” have “them locked in.

Keep in mind that this is a very “simple”process for collapsing negative anchors and installing positive anchors. As an alternate approach, if you’re not quite ready to be in the space physically YET, you can do the same positive anchor installation from the comfort of your relaxed state. To make it happen, we have to go through the process a little bit differently.:

Before you enter your relaxed state of mind and body, bring to mind a place that maeks you feel safe and protected. This can be someplace that’s real or imagined. Once you have this place in mind, give your self the command to “go back” to your safe place if these emotional charge of the negatively anchored lcoation gets too strong to handle. This is your mental “safe room” that you can go to at anytime.

  1. Enter your relaxed state as described before, consciously slowing down your breathing.
  2. Bring to mind your powerful past resource state as before.
  3. Quickly bring to mind 4 things that you’re truly grateful for.
  4. This time, you’re going to quickly imagine yourself standing in the very location that elicits negative emotions in you. Just pretend that you’re there.
  5. If once you’re “there” and you find your emotional charge getting too “heavy”, go back to your mental safe spot. At this point, you can either bring yourself back to you alert state and wake up or when you feel safe, you can “jump” back to your negatively charged spot.
  6. If you decide to jump back in, once there, fire your positive energy anchors.
  7. Fire your anchors off until you achieve at least a neutral state or at most a state of feeling that you can literally achieve the impossible when you’re in that context.

Make a list of every single context that you want to dominate and apply the  “destroy —–> replace” sequence on each one and watch as your life becomes MAGIC.


Amir Campbell

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