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Top Commandments for Sports Excellence!



Amir’s commandments for top notch sports performance!

Whether you’re a tennis player or a table tennis pro, there are certain habits you must develop to excel in your field. You want to stack the deck in your favor and you can do so by applying the following tips to your game:

1) Create a DAILY static stretching routine. Keep your muscles loose prevents injury and psychologically keeps you ready to go.

2) Get a foam roller. TODAY. Foam rollers are one method of releasing knots in your muscles fibers. These knots are keeping you from fully contract and relaxing the target muscle group. Roll the knots out and watch your movements become more graceful and energy efficient. Your endurance and stamina will increase as well.

3) Visualize the desire outcome. Muhammed ali would mentally rehearse his behavior for his matches. Positive mental rehearsal will put you in a positive aggressive energy/mindset. Staying positive contributes to relaxation, which again correlates to better movement. You’ll be light years ahead of the athlete that doesn’t visualize success.

4) 20 – 30 minutes of long slow duration aerobic training. The ability to perform long slow aerobic work is crucial for setting a baseline for optimal sports performance. 20 minutes if you want to maintain your current weight, and 30 minutes if you want to cut-body weight.

Whether you jog, row, elliptical, etc, pick an activity and maintain the intensity for your chosen time frame.

Athletes would do well to mix up their cardio modalities to spare their joints and also to see the areas of improvement in their musculature ie your hip flexors may become tired faster than your hamstrings and quads while you use an ellipitcal.

A very excellent way for athletes to get excellent cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning is by combing LSDC with Tabata intervals. Tabata intervals are performed by doing 8 sets of work, each for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

5) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. NOW is the time to safeguard your joint health. Good supplements for athletes are:

Vitamin C
Omega 3 fatty acids
A good multivitamin
Postworkout protein

6) Drink plenty of water to maintain muscle and burn fat. Good hydration levels also cushion the joints, including you knees and your spinal joints, both of which take a lot of stress during athletic performance and life in general.

7) Relax and chill – activity and passivity are two sides of the same coin when it comes to improving athletic performance. As hard as you work, you have to relax equally as much. Scientific research has found that people who laugh moe often heal faster. Faster healing is crucial for you to get back on the field and dominate as quickly as possible.

Spend time each day laughing your ass off!!



Keep these posted on the walls of your mind and you’ll succeed in your chosen sport.



Ride the wave of Springtime to achieve Radiant Vitality!

I know that some one of you guys reading this has seen the movie “Gladiator” with starring Russell Crowe and a whole slew of actors I won’t name here for sake of time and laziness.

I’ve always been fascinated with the image of the gladiator. It’s a very powerful archetype: The man or woman forced to literally fight for their lives. One slip up or one instant of unwarranted relaxation and you’re dead. The concentration and focus they tapped into must have been electrifying.

What do Gladiators have to do with effortlessly getting ripped and lean this spring?

I remember doing research years ago on roman history and culture, particularly gladiators and spartan warriors, and I remember finding some interesting facts on their daily life and training.

One habit and belief that stuck out to me was that fact that they would spend hours resting in the sun. They believed that the sun had the power to enlarge their muscles and make them stronger. They were partially correct. Here’s my breakdown as to why they would think that:


  1. Modern Science has shown us that exposing our skin to sunlight helps our body to produce vitamin D, which in turn helps us produce really important hormones like testosterone ( provided you have good cholesterol levels, homie). We all know that having adequate levels of Vit. D. combined with proper exercise and nutrition will help a person build and maintain muscle mass and keep body fat levels low.
  2. By consciously relaxing, they were activating their relaxation response, and experiencing mental and physical rejuvenation. You can learn some simple ways to relax your body when you buy a copy of my book, Master Keys To Health And Vitality, through amazon.
  3. The actual warmth from the sun acted like a natural heating pad to help them relax their muscles, dilating their blood vessels so that nutrients could get to their muscles faster.

Of course, the ancient romans were adapted to staying in the sun for long periods of time without burning. However, there is some research that shows that having a diet high in vitamin and mineral rich foods offers a natural protection against excess sun exposure.

I’m always fascinated by our ancestors and how they lived so close to nature. It is possible to do that these days, we just have to prioritize health and living life the way we want.

While we may not be fighting lions and tigers and other crazy human beings in a Colosseum on a daily basis, we do face our own challenges and they can seem like dangerous monkeys and tigers and zebras.

With springtime around the corner, we’re coming into what chinese medicine refers to as the wood rhythm. The time of year is associated with the liver meridian and the organ of the same name. As a consequence, spring time is the perfect time to prime your body to drop that extra fat that it may have accumulated over the winter. The physical liver is partly responsible for helping us to detoxify our bodies and break down fats. Here’s a few simple habits you can adopt to easily drop extra body fat:


  1. Train your body with low intensity cardiovascular training to help speed up your body’s detoxification process. You’ll also be training your body at its fat burning zone, which will further speed up your leaning out goal. In order to find that low end of your heart rate range, here’s what you do:

A) Take your age and subtract it from 220. Ex. 220-35=185. This gives me my maximal heart rate.

B) Take that number you just got and multiply it by .60

Ex. 185 – .60 = 111 for me.

C) Train cardiovascular system at that low intensity for 15-20 minutes. Aim for this intensity 5 days a week. The frequency should be fine even if you work long hours or have an otherwise demanding lifestyle.


2. Empty your refrigerator – Yes, the term “spring cleaning “refers to our kitchens as well. Go through the refridgerator and throw out as much processed food as you can. Do the same thing with your pantry.

3. Fill your fridge with energy – Pack that sum a b@#$@# with fruits, veggies, lean proteins, etc. Nature abhors a vacuum, so fill the vaccuum you’re creating in your body with good clean food. Fruits and veggies are literally nature’s little battery packs.

One of my favorite fruits to enjoy in the warmer weather are apples, especially really sour ones.

4. Drink Plenty of fresh water – water helps our bodies carry toxins away from our cells and helps carry nutrients to our cells.  The first thing in your stomach in the morning should be a lukewarm glass of water to get peristalsis going and make room for the food to come!

5. Eat 1 salad a day – Green leaf lettuce is good and packed with calcium and b vitamins, as are all dark leafy green veggies.Of course, we want the salad to be a meal, so add some sort of protein to it. Having almonds with your salad is awesome because they are packed with calcium and magnesium, both essential for optimal heart health.

6. Set fitness goals for the spring and summer time – If you haven’t already done so, set daily activity goals for this coming sprng and summer. Having a plan to follow will effortlessly cause you to be more active and thus excess weight will fall off easily.


With these simple tips, you’ll fit into those jeans shorts in no time;)


Amir Campbell

Are you treating exercise “like a multi-vitamin”?


Image-1 (5)


You’re wondering what I mean by the above question, and here’s what I mean:

Are you one of those people who go to the gym and spend an hour or so lifting weights and running on the ( insert machine name here)?

Most people take the “one shot, one kill” approach to exercise and fitness, meaning that they prefer to get all of their exercising and fitness-ing over and done in a given timeframe, namely an hour.

In my mind, that’s the “vitamin” approach to health and fitness. Like you take all your vitamins at once, so too do most of the population “take” their exercise.

Did you know that you can get into amazing shape in as little as 30 minutes a day? Amazing, right?

Did you know that you can accumulate that 30 minute criteria over the course of the day, meaning that you can break up those 30 minutes into 3 time frames of 10 minutes each?

Awesome!! Is what you’re thinking…

The only criterion that have to met to make sure that you are getting the most from each 10 minute timeframe are:

1) You must work hard enough to induce heavy panting

2) See number 1

That’s it. As I’ve mentioned many time before, intense exercise increases your rate of breathing, which in turn increases your bodys’ fat burning ability. Intense activity induces EPOC, or Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption.

The goal is to work yourself into a heavy pant, 3 times a day, 5 days a week.

Its so easy, but so effective.

Listen carefully, because what you’re about to read will change your life( and wardrobe):

All you need to do to get into better shape is to work yourself up to a heavy pant, 3 times a day, 10 minutes at a go.

You can find anyway you choose to make yourself pant. Take the steps( run up the steps). Make love really hard( read: passionately…) Run around the house until your out of breath. The possibilities are endless.

Ask yourself:” if I could think of five ways to make my 10 minutes of exercise fun, what would I think of?”

No excuses. If you have space and an imagination, then you can get into better shape Right Now.

Now, I’ll warn you up front: when you exercise hard, you’ll breath heavier, and you might take a few moments to recover your normal breathing rate. That’s perfectly normal, and as you continue to work in your 10 min intervals, you’ll find that you return to your normal/baseline breathing rate faster and faster.

Another benefit of this interval training process is that you train your heart to beat stronger. Many people don’t realize this, but having a strong heart will help you survive a heart attack.

Proper cardiovascular training will condition your heart and help you survive a cardiac event.

So get up and make yourself breath hard and heavy and the world will watch you zooming by!!!



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