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Top 3 answers to the most commonly asked health and fitness questions right here.

top 3 answers


1. How much water should I drink?

2. What is gluten?

3. How many calories should I eat?


I get asked these 3 questions at least 5 times a week. And I wish I had clear cut answer for #3, although I do have a pretty accurate formula for determining how many calories you should get a day, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Let me start by answering them in order:

1. How much water should I drink everyday? – Water is incredibly important to healthy mental and muscular performance. As our bodies are about 60% water, you can see that not getting enough H20 can be bad for your health.
On the other side of the coin, getting too much water can be a bad thing. Excess water intake can cause your body to pee out sodium, which an important electrolytic mineral when ingested in the proper amounts. When your sodium levels get to low, you run the risk of passing out – and waking up in heaven.

So how much water is just the right amount for YOU? Use this calculation to figure it out:

Your weight ÷ 2 = ounce of water you need daily.
Of course, you’ll need more water on the days where you workout really intensely or have a higher sweat rate, but this is a good, safe calculation to use.

Oh yeah: did you know that proper water intake can help alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure, and nagging joint pain?

Moving swiftly on…

2. What is Gluten?-

This question has been growing in popularity for the last few years. Gluten is a glue like substance found in grains such as wheat and rye.

While most peoples guts can handle gluten with relative ease, those people with gluten intolerance have a very hard time passing it through their intestines. People with Celiac’s Disease suffer from an aversion to the stuff.

If you’re a person that has a tough time digesting grains, then you may want to consult your doctor and ask for a test to see if you have Celiac’s.

Don’t fret- there are plenty of glute-free food choices available that you can fit into your life should you discover that you and gluten can’t make it stick… Tee hee hee;)

Ok, last but certainly not least:

3. How many calories should I eat each day?

The answer to this question is similar to the water intake question, only we have to take into consideration a few more variables:

1: your height and weight

2. Your activity levels

3. Your fitness and physique goals.


Lets look at each variable one by one:

1. Your height and weight- the taller you are, the more calories you need to take in. The shorter you are, the less you need to-take in. Everyone of us has a basal metabolic rate, which is the number of calories that we need to take in to sustain out existence. Taller people have a higher BMR, whereas a shorter person has a lower BMR.

You can determine your BMR by using the following app:

2. Once you have your BMR, next you have to factor in how active you are during your day. After you do determine this, you can get a rough estimate of how many calories you need by using the chart at the end of this article.

3. Now you can factor in your physique and fitness goals. Ask yourself a few questions:

A. What I do want my body to look like?

B. How many calories do I need to eat/burn to achieve my goal?

C. Can I achieve the fitness levels I want with my body remaining exactly the same?
Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you can get a clear idea of how many calories you need to take in per day.


Contact me if you have any questions or comments!



Amir Campbell

Little to no exercise Daily kilocalories needed = BMR x 1.2
Light exercise (1–3 days per week) Daily kilocalories needed = BMR x 1.375
Moderate exercise (3–5 days per week) Daily kilocalories needed = BMR x 1.55
Heavy exercise (6–7 days per week) Daily kilocalories needed = BMR x 1.725
Very heavy exercise (twice per day, extra heavy workouts) Daily kilocalories needed = BMR x 1.9

How to get your best body in 20 minutes a day or less!

longevity jpg


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Believe me or not, but it is possible for you to achieve a healthy, fit, lean and mean body in just 20 minutes a day with no stress whatsoever.

In order for you to begin this fun and awesome journey, you need to make a slight shift in your atttitude toward health and fitness.

To make this shift, you must begin thinking in terms of ” How much fun can I have moving my body?” versus “When will my trainnig session end…?!?!?!”.

Another key shift you must make is to take your exercise in chunk size that won’t bore you to tears. If you can comfortably handle physical activity for 10 minutes before you want to break out your ipad, move your body in as many fun ways as possible in that time frame, taking as many breaks as you need. Because you’re an UNIQUE individual, your thresholds for physical activity and sustained concentration abilities are going to differ from mine.

Question yourself and determine: “Do I really feel like I need ot exercise/lose weight/etc?” You may already be in the best shape for your particular life goals and daily goals.

You’ll also want to determine this for yourself: ” Do big muscles really help guys get girls? Do I really need big muscles?” For you guys reading this and thinking that you need big muscles to attract women, you don’t. Women just want to know that you can wear them out, take care of them, and take charge of the situation. Develop these traits and you’ll automatically start to develop a lifestyle that will help you pack on functional muscle!

In regards to ladies and “being ripped”, the vast majority of men want a woman that’s going to take care of our offspring and give us some booty at predetermined times during the week.

In order to achieve the body that you truly want, ride your own natural High Vitality Peaks. These are blocks of time where you energy levels are at their highest, when your mind and body are in complete synch.

Oh yeah, and you want to focus on living your daily life to the fullest. Pursue your goals with the passion of a middle aged wolverine and get it!!


Amir Campbell


PS. Grab your own copy of my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality to learn more powerful ways you can use the power of your mind to achieve the body you want!



Delicious Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk baby food recipe!

You may have noticed that I don’t really post that many recipes. In fact, I have NONE on my blog. I’m making an exception and it’s all because of my wife and my son. More specifically, it’s all because my wife has me feeding my son, whose decided to have people food now:( My wife loves to get creative and find new ways to help me help food get “insod mah bellay!!!!”

I like feeding him because it helps me discover new ways to communciate with him. That, and some of the foods she makes for him are freakin’ delish. Some foods, like the green bean concotions she makes, I don’t like, but this stuff here? Woooooo!!! The only problem iI have with it is that I have to remind myself that it’s HIS food and I feeding HIM:(

Without further ado, It’s Homemade baby (and daddy) food:

Butternut Squash and Coconut milk.


The coconut milk is excellent for people that may have lactose intolerance issues.

If you’re concerned about the fat content in the coconut milk, use the amount that you desire. My wife makes a giant batch and stores it in the refrigerator. You’re not eating the entire batch in one go (hopefully), so you’re not eating all the fat contained the coconut milk at once.

It’s perfect as a side dish or as baby food (or daddy food:). As it has a very creamy consistency, you could even use it as a sauce on rice or your favorite protein, possibly as an alternative to a cream sauce to save yourself from some calories.


Heed this word of caution: The coconut milk will have both a liquidy component which will sink to the bottom of the can and all of the thick white cream will be waiting at the top. Make sure you SHAKE THAT DAMN CAN BEFORE YOU OPEN IT!!!




1 or 2 Butternut Squash, sliced down the middle into halves.

squash 3

Yes, Yes I do hang out with all of the food that I’m going to ingest and assimilate into my own body like the Borg from Star Trek. It’s only polite, after all…


1 can Unsweetened canned coconut milk. We use Thai Kitchen’s Coconut Milk. It’s soooo damn good you can eat it out of the can (don’t do that though, because you WILL turn into a can of coconut milk and be devoured by some other thoughtless person. Boom, instant karma).

If you’re against all foods canned, then you can try the coconut milk that companies like So Delicious make. I, my son, or my wife don’t experience any negative side effects from eating the canned milk, but everybody’s digestive system is different.

squash 1

Shake the can really good before you open it!!!



1 food processor. We like the Ninja because it breaks everything down really fine. And because has ninja IN the title.

Health benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Tastes freakin’ awesome.
  • Omega 3’s for brain health and reduced inflammation.
  • Packed with Fiber to keep you full AND regular 😉
  • Loaded with Vitamin A for healthy skin, B for proper nervous system health, C for strong ligament and tendons, and potassium for optimal bone health.
  • Tons of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) that help boost your immune system AND burn fat.
  • The squash is loaded with cartenoids (the pigment that gives squash it’s color) that help keep your heart nice and healthy.
  • Tons of iron from the Coconut Milk.



Here’s how you can make your own:


1. Cut squash into halves.

2. Place halves face down on baking sheet.

3. Bake halves for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

4. After scooping out the seeds, remove squash from oven, scoop out contents and place into your food processor. We use the ninja because it rocks. We’ve had our own for a year now and it still blends like the first day we got it.

5. Add Unsweetened canned coconut milk to the squash waiting patiently in the food processor.

6. Blend until smooth and creamy.

7. Serve warm or cold, preferably lots of servings:)


I personally would NOT add any sweeteners to it, as the complex carbs in the squash give it a sweet taste without being too overpowering.


Here’s what the finished product looks like. I didn’t add a mint leaf for garnish today because he wasn’t feelin’ it:

squash 2

I think it can also be used as some kind of face mask, if you want to, I mean…



Try this recipe out and let me know how you like it! I may have more recipes coming shortly.



Amir Campbell

Have fun staying fit this Spring Break!

Have fun and stay fit this Spring break!


Being a personal trainer, I have first hand experience with the healing benefits of regular moderate exercise. All you need is 20 minutes a day of steady activity to stay in shape and stay lean.

I’m not a fanatic buy any means, but…

I take working out very seriously. I treat each training session as a chance to uncover my weak points and train them to be my strongest assets, both spiritaully and physically.


Some years ago, I was out partying with my nephew and nieces and I asked my nephew if he was going to work out tomorrow. His answer:

“I’m on vacation.. I’m not doing nothin!!!”

Don’t you know how hard I wanted to slap his big shiny Genie earring out of his ear?!!?!?

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Why the hell would anyone want to take a break from exercising? As I grew and matured understood more of life, I easily began to understand how:(

Here’s two facts from the desk of Amir Campbell:

  1. Regular exercisers know how good it feels to work out. You know how good you feel after breaking a mild sweat.
  2. People don’t want to think about working out when they’re on vacation.
  3. Duh!


Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ on your body?

Did you know that most of the toxins that we eliminate are expelled through the pores of our skin?

When you look at those two benefits of exercise, it doesn’t make sense to me that a person would take a break from their program. By maintaining your basic level of fitness while you’re on vacation, you won’t go through the temporary suck-ification of De-training, or “losing your fitness”.

Of course, if you are sick or you have an injury, then of course, take a break and reduce your activity level. You don’t have to stop completely.

Did you know that ancient greek doctors prescribed light exercise as a form of “medicine”?

Can you say… Tangent?!?!?


You can still maintain your physique with moderate exercise, no matter where you vacation. While you’re at it, why you bring your copy of my book, Master Keys To Health And Vitality to keep your mind engaged as you switch back and forth between gazing out over the ocean and reading my book?

All you need are:

1) Resistance, which can be provided with your own bodyweight. Other acceptable forms of resistance include but are not limited to:

A) Carrying suitcases for long distances.

B) Jumping up and down on your bed until you start to breath deeper and heavier.

C) Swimming AWAY FROM sharks or other sketchy looking ocean creatures, like plastic bags that look like jelly fish:(

2) A flight stairs or a city block, so you can go for a power walk or jog( sprinting is best for increase oxygen uptake).

3) Room so you can stretch all your muscles after your workout.

4) Chasing friends and family up and down the beach until you fall over from laughter ( and thank your trainer that you can run that long!)

And… viola!!

And just imagine: You can do all of the above while you’re reading my book!

You have a complete workout in 15 minutes or less!! While you’re on vacation!!





Create your own Home Fitness Shrine with These tools!

The economy sucks right now. Interest rates are decent, but saving money is better done by putting it under a pee-pee mattress, because at aleast something will grow there.

With everyone in Conserve- Mode, it’s natural that you want to find ways to save as much money as possible. One very awesome and health conscious way to do so is to ditch your gym membership and train at home. If you’re a fitness Do-it-yourself-er, then here’s a list of tools that you must have to build the body you desire.

Depending on your current fitness levels, you may need heavier or lighter dumbbells. Choose accordingly and based on your past experience.

You can click on the links in blue to be taken directly to those products to purachse them:

  1. Dumbbells – Dumbbells are awesome because they not only work the muscle you target, but they also work other muscles in a stabilizing capacity, forcing them to activate to help you perform movements smoothly and properly.  No home Fitness Shrine is complete without them.

     2.  A pullup/pushup bar – These contraptions are awesome because they allow you to     strengthen your core, your upper body and your pulling muscles all in the comfort of your bedroom/ basement/garage. I owned one of these for 8 years until I gave it away as a gift. It never failed me, and I never crashed to the ground trying to do pull ups, not once…

3. Jump ropes – Jumping rope is one of THE MOST effective modalities for burning tons of calories with relatively little work invested. This modality is perfect for people that may have joint issues and have always wanted to jump rope. I own several and it’s my personal go-to when I want a go cardio training session and I want to get it done fast.


4. A good yoga DVD – Having strong muscles is nothing without having the requisite flexibility. There are many mental and physical benefits to practicing yoga regularly. Yoga allows you to unite your mind and your body. Unification will allow you to reduce your stress levels and increase your physical and mental performance, and not to mention increase your health and vitality. I remember being 15 years old and practicing yoga with this older woman on tv every night around 9pm, it was a great investment of time and I believe I owe my current fitness levels and kinesthetic awareness to my early practice. It helped that she was really sexy and flexible 😉


5. A sturdy exercise mat – Although you can use a towel, they do tend to bunch up at the most inapproriate times, like when you’re on your 15th burpee working your way to your 20th. A good exercise mat will last you many years if you don’t:

A) Put your feet on it while your doing mountain climbers. It’s better to put your hands on the mat instead.

B) Don’t jump on it. Not only can you slide and split your crotch into a million pieces like reese’s, but you’ll tear the mat to pieces quickly and waste your money.


6. A good beginner’s fitness dvd – A good fitness dvd will help teach you the basics of strength traiing and help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Optional: You can check out my youtube channel  here to get FREE workouts and fitness tips 24 hours a day, and it’s free.


Honorable mentions, Other optional Piece of equipment

  1. A good rowing machine is excellent and another high quality piece of equipment that is portable and will last you YEARS if you treat it properly (ie. don’t use the seat as a surf board). I have a rower that I used for quite some time now and it’s continues to serve me well.

Take care and God Bless!


PS. Make sure to grab your very own copy of my new book, “Master Keys To Health and Vitality” today and learn awesome techniques for daily peak performance!

Are you treating exercise “like a multi-vitamin”?


Image-1 (5)


You’re wondering what I mean by the above question, and here’s what I mean:

Are you one of those people who go to the gym and spend an hour or so lifting weights and running on the ( insert machine name here)?

Most people take the “one shot, one kill” approach to exercise and fitness, meaning that they prefer to get all of their exercising and fitness-ing over and done in a given timeframe, namely an hour.

In my mind, that’s the “vitamin” approach to health and fitness. Like you take all your vitamins at once, so too do most of the population “take” their exercise.

Did you know that you can get into amazing shape in as little as 30 minutes a day? Amazing, right?

Did you know that you can accumulate that 30 minute criteria over the course of the day, meaning that you can break up those 30 minutes into 3 time frames of 10 minutes each?

Awesome!! Is what you’re thinking…

The only criterion that have to met to make sure that you are getting the most from each 10 minute timeframe are:

1) You must work hard enough to induce heavy panting

2) See number 1

That’s it. As I’ve mentioned many time before, intense exercise increases your rate of breathing, which in turn increases your bodys’ fat burning ability. Intense activity induces EPOC, or Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption.

The goal is to work yourself into a heavy pant, 3 times a day, 5 days a week.

Its so easy, but so effective.

Listen carefully, because what you’re about to read will change your life( and wardrobe):

All you need to do to get into better shape is to work yourself up to a heavy pant, 3 times a day, 10 minutes at a go.

You can find anyway you choose to make yourself pant. Take the steps( run up the steps). Make love really hard( read: passionately…) Run around the house until your out of breath. The possibilities are endless.

Ask yourself:” if I could think of five ways to make my 10 minutes of exercise fun, what would I think of?”

No excuses. If you have space and an imagination, then you can get into better shape Right Now.

Now, I’ll warn you up front: when you exercise hard, you’ll breath heavier, and you might take a few moments to recover your normal breathing rate. That’s perfectly normal, and as you continue to work in your 10 min intervals, you’ll find that you return to your normal/baseline breathing rate faster and faster.

Another benefit of this interval training process is that you train your heart to beat stronger. Many people don’t realize this, but having a strong heart will help you survive a heart attack.

Proper cardiovascular training will condition your heart and help you survive a cardiac event.

So get up and make yourself breath hard and heavy and the world will watch you zooming by!!!



Can you REALLY burn fat while you sit on your ass all day?



Yes, you can… IF….

You workout for 30-40 minutes doing moderate intensity weight/resistance training.

You see, to make a long story short, there are VAST differences in the benefits of Cardio and Resistance training.

For one, when you do cardio, you will lose weight, but….

Here’s the catch:

You’ll burn fat AND muscle.

What we want to do is Burn fat and BUILD MUSCLE.

Can you see the difference between the two? Not yet?

When you do resistance training, you will build muscle AND burn fat.

When I say Resistance Training, I don’t mean 20-30 reps of some girly weight.

That ain’t gonna cut it, dude.

What you want to do is use a resistance that you can only manipulate 12- 15 times/reps.

You want to fatigue the muscle temporarily, which is the purpose of the 12-15 rep scheme/model.


The really amazing thing that happens when you perform proper resistance training is the fact that your body will burn fat for energy for HOURS after the workout.

With just cardio, your body only burns up the fat and muscle for the duration of the activity, and when you’re done, then you’re metabolism slows back down.

Doesn’t that suck?


I’m not Don’t Do Cardio… What i’m saying is that you want to minimize the cardio.

The purpose of cardiovascular activity is to strengthen your heart and lungs.

I’ve got news for you:

You’re doing cardio every time you take the steps.

You’re doing cardio everytime you walk to your car.

You’re doing cardio everytime you talk a nice relaxing walk.

Your heart and lungs work all day, everyday.

Your muscles, on the other hand… they get smaller and weaker the less you use them.

What’s the solution?

Perform sets of 12-15 reps, 2-3 times a week to build up your muscles and turn on your natural fat burning furnace.

A good, balanced workout is one in which you work every major muscle group ( pecs, quads, hamstring, shoulders, lats, core) during the workout.


Have Fun!!!


PS. If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and feeling bad about what you’re seeing, then you owe it to yourself to do what it takes to feel better.

Check out my rates and specials at: and when you’re ready to transform your body, then holler at me…

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