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You’re trapped in the matrix. Here’s how to break out and wake up. #hackthematrix

If you know me personally, then you know that I grew up watching lots of television, particularly 80’s movies and cartoons. In fact, I know the names of more actors/actresses than I do real people’s names. Sad but true.

One of my all time favorite movies is The Matrix with Keanu Reeves and other actors/actresses whom I will forgo naming for the sake of time. This message is one that you’ll want to hear right now.

If you haven’t seen the Matrix Trilogy of movies, I’ll give you a little synopsis: A guy discovers that his conscious awareness is living in a virtual reality game, while his ( and the rest of humanity) physical body is being used as a battery by squid-like robots. He is awakened to the truth by a bald headed black man, gets pissed off, and hi-jinx ensue.

These movies have spawned a cult consisting of people of all ages, races and creeds (present company included) who believe that we really are inside of some type of matrix. I do believe this, but not in the way the trilogy portrays it.

Now, I’ve been thinking about life and reality in general (dangerous, I know) and I’ve come to the conclusion that the matrix in which we live is one of ineffective and life-draining beliefs. At the end of the day, we are and do essentially what we believe. When you stop and think about it, we are technically “surrounded” by our beliefs, which guide us, for our good or ill.

Our beliefs control our physiology and ultimately, our reality. I believe this is the true force behind the “self fulfilling prophecy”, wherein which a person entertains a specific outcome and experiences that outcome, whether positive or negative. Science has proven that our thoughts and beliefs can influence our hormonal output, which in turn influences the way we perceive and interact with reality. Job said “behold, that which I have feared the most has come to pass…”. Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”.

Naturally, questions about Fate and Destiny begin to arise in your mind. Put those aside for a few moments:)

You should get extremely excited about this news because it means that we can literally create the reality we want to experience. Successful people of all levels know this fact and create the realities they desire.

Now here’s the the ugly side of this coin: when we act on beliefs about ourselves that prevent us from taking uplifting actions and growing in new directions, we strengthen the negative thought matrix around us. It’s like the person that looks in the mirror everyday and tells themselves that they are fat; their body begins to conform to that belief and becomes hold extra body fat. Furthermore, these negative energy beliefs act as blinders that prevent us from seeing the true beauty of life. This can create a maze-like effect wherein we literally spin our wheels, wasting time and precious vitality.

Believe that you are a super stud and very shortly you will walk and talk like a super stud. That’s how I did it 😉

Ready for some good news? Listen up: by strategically giving ourselves positive affirmations about our ability to act in this world, we temporarily create an opening in the dark cloud of beliefs, so the warm sunlight of positive energy can come through and empower your to achieve the success you deserve.

By now you’re wondering, ” How can I crush my limiting belief matrix and create a positive, empowering belief matrix, Amir?”. Hang in there, because that information coming forthwith!

Here’s how we do it:


  1. We continuously bring out focused back to our most magnetic desired outcomes.
  2. We de-vitalise/transmute old beliefs that don’t serve our higher good and input powerful new beliefs, one at a time.

The cool thing about doing this that even just installing one powerful belief into you physiology and nervous system can increase your health and your income dramatically.

The fastest and most powerful way I found to do this is through body-focused affirmations. These affirmations activate your nervous system and your mind so that each affirmation is driven deep into your nervous and rapidly becomes a reality in your body, which then is manifested in the real world as action.

A simpler version of this process is to simply think your desired change to yourself over and over as your performing an activity that you truly enjoy. When you do this, connect the good feelings generated from your activity to your desired change, resulting in a positively charged belief, ready to serve you on your journey through life.

The cool thing about beliefs is that when they don’t serve us anymore, we can always get rid of them and replace, like you would with a old pair of tennis shoes ( sneakers).

The next time you find yourself doing something you truly enjoy, give yourself an affirmation of success and prosperity and watch as it manifests in your life as the goodness you deserve to experience.







Stay positive by being grateful and destroying your negative space anchors!! #crushyourlimitations




Being grateful is a beautiful part of our human experience. Gratitude raises our energy levels and helps us to attract the things we want into our life easier. It offers us protection from negative thoughts and energy.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to think negative thoughts or experience negative feelings in specific physical environments?

Or have you noticed the opposite, where you feel really good in specific locations?

You can look at the phenomenon from 2 perspectives:

  1. from a energetic standpoint.
  2. from a psychological, stimulus-response perspective.

In my opinion, the world is made up of energy and when you make changes on the emotional (emotion is energy in motion!) level, you can create phsyical changes.

Viewing circumstances with the “energetic cap” gives us a little bit more freedom than does using the “stim-res” cap.

Whichever cap you choose to put on , the fact remains that we can have negative or positive mental and emotional reactions to being in certain locations.

For instance, I used to work for a major supplement retailer and everytime I would walk through the door, my state would instantly shift to a negative, boring, unexciting state ( until I learned the technique I’m going to share with you in bit). That state would compound as I stood at the register, logging in with my username and password. Part of the cause for the negative state activation was the fact that it wasn’t a job that was in line with my Higher Values; I was just working it because I “needed” a job. I hadn’t yet learned to go from living in scarcity and at effect to living in a mode of creating value and abundance.

Of course, you may have some debilitating Negative Anchors, as i’m sure we all do. I used to have a debiltating fear of heights and rolelr coasters until I collapsed the negative anchors inside me so that now I can actually go on a scary roller coaster and actually enjoy it. You’ll learn how to do that in a few moments

Obviously, Positive Emotional Space Anchors (PESA’S)(tm) are highly desirable. It’s also clear the Negative Emotional Space Anchors (NESA’S) are bad and could also be costing you money. LOTS of money.

The intention behind this process is to completely destroy those negative emotion activations and replace them with either a neutral state or an extremely excited, positive, hopeful state.

Here is the EXACT process I used to actually enjoy really scary roller coasters and obtain a neutral state when  in a “high off the ground” context:


  1. From a relaxed state of mind with your eyes closed ( not in the acutal context), determine the exact context that you want to feel really good and amazing in.
  2. Remember a time when you felt really amazing and powerful. Step into that memory and relive it from your perspective, what you saw, heard, felt, smelled, etc.This state of re-vivification must be so complete so associated that you actually begin to smile i.e., your physiology begins to change.
  3. When that feeling reaches its peak, touch your heart with your right hand. If that feeling feels so good that you want to loop over and over in your mind for a little while longer, then go for it.
  4. Now, mentally quickly make a list of 5 things that bring ou grate joy in youir life.
  5. Now that you’ve anchored those feelings, give yourself the positive suggestion that:

“I will feel totally amazing and awesome when I’m (in specific context). I’m going to recall all those positive feelings when I’m in that context by touching my heart”.

5. Snap yourself out of your relaxed state and bring yourself up to an alert state by counting from 1 to 5, open your eyes, stand up and jump up and down on the balls of your feet.

6. Once you in you’re waking state, practice firing off that positive emotion anchor right where you’re standing. If the anchor doesn’t fire, then go back to step 1 and start over again. There’s nothign to lsoe by re=experiencing a super positive state over and over again, is there?

7. When you’re in the negative anchor space, activate your positive feelings anchor. If that space elicits so many negative feelings from that you literally can’t stand to be there, activate your positive energy anchors BEFORE you enter the context.

8. Repeat this Positive Anchor Creation process as often as you need it, until you can access a neutral/indfifferent state or an extremely positive state.

9. If when you go to activate your PEA in the negative anchor space and you’re still experiencing the negative emotions, then go back to step one and anchor even more positive emotions until you feel that you ” have “them locked in.

Keep in mind that this is a very “simple”process for collapsing negative anchors and installing positive anchors. As an alternate approach, if you’re not quite ready to be in the space physically YET, you can do the same positive anchor installation from the comfort of your relaxed state. To make it happen, we have to go through the process a little bit differently.:

Before you enter your relaxed state of mind and body, bring to mind a place that maeks you feel safe and protected. This can be someplace that’s real or imagined. Once you have this place in mind, give your self the command to “go back” to your safe place if these emotional charge of the negatively anchored lcoation gets too strong to handle. This is your mental “safe room” that you can go to at anytime.

  1. Enter your relaxed state as described before, consciously slowing down your breathing.
  2. Bring to mind your powerful past resource state as before.
  3. Quickly bring to mind 4 things that you’re truly grateful for.
  4. This time, you’re going to quickly imagine yourself standing in the very location that elicits negative emotions in you. Just pretend that you’re there.
  5. If once you’re “there” and you find your emotional charge getting too “heavy”, go back to your mental safe spot. At this point, you can either bring yourself back to you alert state and wake up or when you feel safe, you can “jump” back to your negatively charged spot.
  6. If you decide to jump back in, once there, fire your positive energy anchors.
  7. Fire your anchors off until you achieve at least a neutral state or at most a state of feeling that you can literally achieve the impossible when you’re in that context.

Make a list of every single context that you want to dominate and apply the  “destroy —–> replace” sequence on each one and watch as your life becomes MAGIC.


Amir Campbell

Do you have traumatic experiences trapped in your muscles right now?


We’ve all been there:

You get into some sort of accident and your body tenses up powerfully, and then relaxes completely when the danger is gone…. Or does it?

According to practitioners of body work modalities like Feldendkrais, Applied Kinesiology, etc…

Your body still remembers the incident like it was 20 minutes ago. Not only do your muscles remember, but your nervous system remembers. Your body stores the memories in the form of posture deviations and various physical reactions to similar stimuli.

All traumatic experiences seem to have these three components working:

1) a internal representation of the incident ie a memory consisting of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory (smells and tastes, respectively). This is evident in simple stimulus -response experiences in daily life ie you smell a certain smell which triggers a certain memory, positive or negative.

2) a body posture response ie certain muscles becoming overtight in an effort to protect you from said experience.

3) briefly mentioned in point 1 was the stimulus-response effect ie this happens outside which cause this change internally ie emotions and thought processes/sequences.

Think about it: when you think back to some traumatic experience, don’tyou automatically shrink spiritually and get a bad feeling?

Wilhelm Reich coined the term “armoring” for any group of muslces that remained constantly-over tight and used many massage techniqes combined with cognitive restructuring to bring the muscles back to a normal resting length. Over stretched muscles are not-so-awesome, but we will discuss that more at a later date.

Furthermore, in chinese medicine, each organ and group of muscles and nerves, bones, etc is governed by Meridians. According to Chinese Medical Theory, each meridian governs a specific emotion ie lung meridian governs grief, central-meridian governs confidence, liver meridian governs anger etc.

When you grab your own copy of my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality, you’ll learn powerful techniques to help take control of your thoughts, emotions, and vitality.

As you can see, there are many different perspectives on and modalities with which to effect the release powerfully-toxic emotions from the body.

Next question: Now that i know that i’m holding on to some past traumatic experience with my body posture, how can I release that so I can move forward to experience a deep, fuller life as though it never happened?

There are many very effective and valid techniques for doing so.

Cognitive restructuring, as mentioned above is a powerful tool for body change when used properly.

Blowing the negative energy attached to the memory is another powerful way to help the body get back to vitality in everyday movement.

Timeline therapy and various other NLP processes are excellent to use in conjunction with Cognitive restructuring to cause the body to relax and let go.

Reiki is a good modality to use. It helps by focusing directly on the chakras, helping the individual to release said negative energy charge from these storage vortexes, which also happen to exist in the same place as various nerve plexi.

Aryuvedice medicine is another very powerful modality for trauma release.

Tibetan medicine is a good way to go.

A good acupressurist and/or acupuncturist with some psychological trauma training can be of great help as they can help you affect the meridian-emotion connection for change.

If you’re going to use any of these modalities, you want to find someone you can trust, someone who has a lot of “tools” they can use to help you get out of trouble should you be working with a memory that ellicits a powerful response.

Evoking those powerful feelings can be like stepping in a cage with a hungry lion, and not having the tools to get out of said cage can be devastating.

Readiness is another factor to consider, as we never really seem to be “ready yet”. However, with some crafty word play, you can create a state of readiness in yourself to seek help for change.

Can your remember a time when you felt powerfully brave and you said to yourself ,” screw it, lets get this done…”? Act as if you can tap into that state anytime you snap your fingers now…

Don’t let the trauma stay in your body and wreak havoc; create a readiness state in yourself backed with strength and courage and hope for a besutiful outcome; seek help and change your future for the better.


Amir Campbell

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