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Prepping for the Police Physical Agility Exam #mindandbodygainz

Back in 2014, When I learned that my wife was going to give birth to our son, I decided to start looking for a career that offered my security and stability. Becoming an officer of the law was something that everyone that knew me thought I was perfect for. I didn’t think I was “police material”, but the salary was enticing and the benefits would bring my family peace of mind and stability.

With those motivators leading me like a carrot on a stick, I began the process of becoming a police officer. I took the civil service exam, which I literally just barely passed ( a passing score was 75%, which is what I got).

With the written test just a distant memory, the next step in the process was the Physical Agility Exam. This portion of the test consisted of performing push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run in different times, depending on your age and gender. Being a personal fitness trainer, I look forward to the challenge that lay ahead because although I could do a ton of push-ups and sit-ups, I hated running. I actually DESPISED it.

The time in which I had to complete the run was under 12:58, which a moderately challenging time, but when you throw my lack of running experience and my weight into the mix ( I completed the exam at a bodyweight of 225), I knew that I had to look deep into myself and be honest with my physical and mental areas-of-improvement.

With that attitude in mind, I begin assessing myself to determine just just much work I needed to do to meet the standards. As I already knew, I could easily crank out more than double the required number of push-ups and sit-ups in the required times. When it came to the run however, I was kicked in the nuts HARD. My current 1.5 mile time was 2 minutes OVER what was required of male my age. What punched my ego the most was not the fact that I was a personal trainer and should be able to do anything physically rather easily ( I was teaching group exercise classes 3 times a week), but the fact that I had some serious work to do in order to transform my body in such a way that I could run that portion of the test in UNDER 12 minutes.

So I took everything I know about Positive thinking, Psychology, Sports Training, and nutrition and applied it to myself AS IF I were one of my clients striving for a specific fitness goal. I applied ll of my knowledge and experience and I designed a training program that supposed to help me ace that exam.

Skip forward to test day: I passed my push-ups and sit-ups with flying colors (in fact, at the end of my training, my push-ups and sit-ups numbers had what I could do before training). It was time to run my ass off. I looked around at my fellow test takers: some were smiling, others were stoned faced, and I was somewhere in between those two emotions.

So I ran my run. I hauled ass and kept running. I’ll be honest: there were points in time when I saw fellow candidates stop running and start walking and I was tempted to do so. But I thought to myself, “Somebody has to be a positive example to everybody else to keep going and since I’m already running, it may as well be me, damn it!”.

With that thought in mind and many others pulling me to the finish line, I completed my running portion of the exam in 11:27. I was pumped, not just because I passed the test, but because I was able to validate that I was able to take all of my knowledge and resources and apply them to the achievement of a goal.

Not only did I pass the test, but I also helped several others pass the test with the program I’ve developed.

The motto of this story is that we should look at challenges as potential for growth and helping others become successful. Complete the prosperous circle!

Can you remember a time when you faced a challenge and overcame it, having been made stronger as a result of the struggle? Share it with us in the comments!





Create your own Home Fitness Shrine with These tools!

The economy sucks right now. Interest rates are decent, but saving money is better done by putting it under a pee-pee mattress, because at aleast something will grow there.

With everyone in Conserve- Mode, it’s natural that you want to find ways to save as much money as possible. One very awesome and health conscious way to do so is to ditch your gym membership and train at home. If you’re a fitness Do-it-yourself-er, then here’s a list of tools that you must have to build the body you desire.

Depending on your current fitness levels, you may need heavier or lighter dumbbells. Choose accordingly and based on your past experience.

You can click on the links in blue to be taken directly to those products to purachse them:

  1. Dumbbells – Dumbbells are awesome because they not only work the muscle you target, but they also work other muscles in a stabilizing capacity, forcing them to activate to help you perform movements smoothly and properly.  No home Fitness Shrine is complete without them.

     2.  A pullup/pushup bar – These contraptions are awesome because they allow you to     strengthen your core, your upper body and your pulling muscles all in the comfort of your bedroom/ basement/garage. I owned one of these for 8 years until I gave it away as a gift. It never failed me, and I never crashed to the ground trying to do pull ups, not once…

3. Jump ropes – Jumping rope is one of THE MOST effective modalities for burning tons of calories with relatively little work invested. This modality is perfect for people that may have joint issues and have always wanted to jump rope. I own several and it’s my personal go-to when I want a go cardio training session and I want to get it done fast.


4. A good yoga DVD – Having strong muscles is nothing without having the requisite flexibility. There are many mental and physical benefits to practicing yoga regularly. Yoga allows you to unite your mind and your body. Unification will allow you to reduce your stress levels and increase your physical and mental performance, and not to mention increase your health and vitality. I remember being 15 years old and practicing yoga with this older woman on tv every night around 9pm, it was a great investment of time and I believe I owe my current fitness levels and kinesthetic awareness to my early practice. It helped that she was really sexy and flexible 😉


5. A sturdy exercise mat – Although you can use a towel, they do tend to bunch up at the most inapproriate times, like when you’re on your 15th burpee working your way to your 20th. A good exercise mat will last you many years if you don’t:

A) Put your feet on it while your doing mountain climbers. It’s better to put your hands on the mat instead.

B) Don’t jump on it. Not only can you slide and split your crotch into a million pieces like reese’s, but you’ll tear the mat to pieces quickly and waste your money.


6. A good beginner’s fitness dvd – A good fitness dvd will help teach you the basics of strength traiing and help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Optional: You can check out my youtube channel  here to get FREE workouts and fitness tips 24 hours a day, and it’s free.


Honorable mentions, Other optional Piece of equipment

  1. A good rowing machine is excellent and another high quality piece of equipment that is portable and will last you YEARS if you treat it properly (ie. don’t use the seat as a surf board). I have a rower that I used for quite some time now and it’s continues to serve me well.

Take care and God Bless!


PS. Make sure to grab your very own copy of my new book, “Master Keys To Health and Vitality” today and learn awesome techniques for daily peak performance!

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